If regular social interactions such as ordering a coffee, talking with a co-worker, calling for the utility bill, etc. have a significant impact on your day then you should know that you are among the seven percent people who have social anxiety. It can make your regular life extremely difficult. People suffering from social phobia or anxiety endure the pain that they have been carrying quietly for several years before seeking help.

  • People who are facing social anxiety fears that will be judged by others negatively. Individuals suffering from this condition worries a lot when there are any social interactions regarding what to say. This fear makes an idle chit chat impossible or even to have an eye-contact with the other person.
  • The behavioral symptoms that you experience let others perceive that you are a quiet, shy or withdrawn person. This makes individual suffering from social anxiety longs for connection and companionship.
  • Social anxiety people usually sustain the experience of situational distress. Some of the common situations are being criticized or teases, being the center of attention, being watched or observed when you are doing something.
  • Fear also creates certain other physical symptoms as well. These symptoms are a rapid heartbeat, nervousness, sweating excessively, dry mouth, trouble catching your breath, blushing, and light-headedness.
  • Individuals with social anxiety will try to avoid social situations. The behavior of avoidance is an indication that something is wrong. They will start to avoid making eye-contact, avoid using public restrooms, initiating a conversation or eating in front of others.
  • Social anxiety disorder can be treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy. These social anxiety disorder treatment Sheffield are a proven and successful method to get rid of social anxiety.

There are several strategies to deal with social anxiety and conquer your fear, and you need to take proper therapy.

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